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“In this day and age, customers want an integrated experience to either self-serve or reach out to people as they need. Build a frictionless experience, and get out of the way”.

Riccardo Caruso

Two Decades Of Hands-on Deployments and $4 Billion Dollars in Online Sales and Productivity

  • VP of WW Ecommerce and Digital Solutions at Cepheid (World Leader in Molecular Diagnostics)
  • Director of Ecommerce and Digital Analytics at Illumina (World Leader in Genomics) ($4.4B)
  • Global Marketing Analytics Leader at Life Technologies ($6.7B)
  • Global B2B eProcurement Leader at Millipore ($1.7B)
  • $4B+ of sales shifted and generated online
  • $16.3M single cart whereas the average cart size was $20K
  • 88% channel adoption by direct customers
  • 85% channel adoption by eProcurement customers
  • 99% channel adoption by distributors
  • 21% of total instruments sold online


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